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science! injections! blood draws!

26 May

so, you can’t just get pregnant with someone else’s baby normally. they don’t just stir eggs and sperm in a dish and then shove it up into your uterus and hope it all sticks. it’s a very finely tuned, complicated process. i’ll start from the beginning, in order.

we get personal here… lady bits discussed. fair warning.

1- birth control pills (or in my case, Nuvaring… because i’m REALLY forgetful.) this is so they can sync your cycle up with the egg donor’s cycle (in my case we are trying with my intended mother’s eggs first. she’s over 40, so they probably won’t be the best quality, but we’ll give it a shot before we move to egg donor.)

2- lupron. this is an injection that uses a diabetic syringe, one of the little ones, that goes into your belly fat. at the dose i’ll be taking (it can be used differently) it will stop my body’s natural hormone production. in effect, it puts you into a kind of menopause. my ovaries will shut down so that they don’t release one of my eggs, so i won’t get pregnant with a child of my own. they also do this so that they can TOTALLY control your cycle.

3- estrogen. because they have shut down my body’s hormone production, they will have me take estrogen to build the lining of my uterus back up to a level that is nice and cuddly for an embryo to snuggle into. this comes in shot form and in patch form… i am pretty sure i will be taking shots. i think they are intramuscular, which means in my rear end. (my husband is looking forward to stabbing me with a needle, i think. i can handle jabbing my fat, but i don’t want to stab myself in the hiney. [also? you pervs.])

4- progesterone! this i will start around the time of the egg retrieval. because i am still not making any hormones, i have to have this in order for my body to support a pregnancy. it comes in injection form, which is in OIL PEOPLE, which makes huge knots in your butt muscle and hurts like hell (i’ve heard), and it comes in the lovely vaginal suppository form. (I TOLD YOU THIS WOULD GET PERSONAL.) i begged for the suppository form, because i’m freaking afraid of the OIL injections. i’ve seen pictures and heard horror stories… and the doctor was nice enough to agree. so i’ll be doing that… until like, 12 weeks of pregnancy.

during this time i will be having weekly-ish blood work to check hormone levels, and vaginal (YAY!) ultrasounds to measure the lining of my uterus and make sure my ovaries are nice and asleep. anyone who’s had one knows just how awesome (sarcasm here) the weenie-cam is. but in the end, a baby is totally worth it.

and then, if everything works like it should, i should be knocked up before too long. i think i’m getting my calendar tomorrow, so i should have the actual date of the embryo transfer soon!

and that’s how you get ready to get pregnant with someone else’s baby.


letting the cat out of the bag

26 May

i’m going to be a gestational surrogate.

it was so hard to tell my family and coworkers and friends. not because i am ashamed of what i am doing, but because i was afraid of the judgements they would pass. a common misconception is that surrogates do it for the money. and here’s a secret… that’s not it. because, if you figure it all out, i’ll only be making about $3.42 per hour throughout the pregnancy. for all the morning sickness, extra peeing, the hugeness, the uncomfortable waddling, and the lack of booze… trust me, i’m not doing it for the money. i’m doing it because i’d want someone to do it for me, i’m young and healthy, and i’m at a place in my life where i want to help someone else out for a change.

for my friends and family- this blog is going to be blunt. if you don’t want to read about my uterus (and all that goes with that) and my feelings, then… maybe this isn’t for you. i want to use this blog as a way to educate people about what i am doing, a place for someone to ask any questions, tell you how i am feeling, how the pregnancy is going, and maaaaybeeee, i might complain about how fat i am in 7 months.

so. if you have questions, leave a comment, and i’ll answer.

next up- the science behind this all. i haven’t gotten my calendar yet (they give you a big calendar that tells you what meds to take and how much), but i THINK i am getting it tomorrow. which means i will be starting shots next week.

that’s right. i’ll be giving myself shots. in my belly fat. sounds like fun, right? (i promise photos… just not of my belly fat.)