change of plans. and a schedule.

1 Jun

so, totally stoked… my cycle will be lupron free dudes. this means much less needles. and less weight gain. and less overall bitchiness.

why? because we’re on time constraints, as my intended parents leave the country for a month at the end of june. and because there is actually a shortage of lupron at this time.

so it looks like this-
june 1- ultrasound to check lining and blood work
june 3- start estrogen
june 8- ultrasound to check lining and blood work
june 14- IN LOS ANGELES. ultrasound at RE (reproductive endocrinologist, aka, the man in charge, Dr. Nelson) for lining check and blood work. adjust meds if needed
june 15- egg retrieval from intended mother.
june 18- EMBRYO TRANSFER TIME. then bedrest for the next two days, weeeee.

we plan on taking sienna with us. yes, it will suck the two days i am on bedrest, but really, that’s brendan’s problem, and not mine… we will likely be gone for a full week, and HA, if you think i’m staying away from all that cuteness for that long. funny. not happening. (and also, my daytime sitter will be out of town, and i don’t know how to swing it with someone staying nights with her and a strange sitter. poor girl would have a nervous breakdown.)

so, prepare yourself, LA. i’m coming to get knocked up. don’t disappoint me. it’s time to bake a baby. or two. but no more than that, thank you.


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