one down.

5 Jun

first, let me show you my box of goodies that came in the mail.
box o' goodies
apparently you don’t get knocked up with someone else’s kid by accident. lol. and below is my morning cocktail.
my morning cocktail
my husband gave me my first delestrogen injection this morning! i also started the prenatal vitamins, baby aspirin, folate, and dha. the injection wasn’t too bad… except i had a momentary freak out at my husband. i’ll let you in on the conversation-

me: “no, that’s not where it goes!”

him: “shush. this is a big alcohol pad. just because i started wiping there doesn’t mean that’s where i’m going to stick you.”

me: “where then?”

him: “here.” (points to a spot that’s WAY TOO HIGH.)

me: “uh, no. the nurse said where the outer upper pocket of my jeans would be. so, right here.” (points to the correct spot on my hiney.)

him: “that’s not what the diagram shows.”

me: “f*ck the diagram. i’m listening to the nurse. and it’s my ass, so you’ll poke me where i tell you. which is HERE.” (points again.)

him: “there’s a bruise right there.”

me: “well, then right beside the bruise. just do it.”

he starts to do it… when i realize he’s not spreading my skin out like the instructions say. i turn over, and he’s poised to stab. it was kind of funny, because he was just staring at this spot on my hiney.

me: “are  you gonna make my skin tight? did you even read the directions?!”

him: “no. i was going on what you told me.”

me: (massive eyeroll) “ok.” (reads instructions about how to spread skin out.)


me: “that was it?”

him: “yep. you’re a big weenie. i told you i’d do it right.”

(yeah. he did it right. after i told him where to do it. and to stretch the skin. this is why men always have extra parts when they put stuff together… THEY DON’T READ INSTRUCTIONS.)

so. all in all, wasn’t bad. next time i won’t be so worried about him screwing up and it’ll probably take all of four seconds.

(and katherine? if you’re reading, i want you to know i’m not ignoring your questions. i will make a post answering those in the next few days. 🙂 )


3 Responses to “one down.”

  1. momtodeshawn June 5, 2011 at 10:07 pm #

    OMG, that was hilarious!! 🙂 I’m glad it ended up good. I’m not doing delestrogen shots this time, but when my DH did them for me last time, I can totally remember having a similar conversation. hehe

  2. Tonya June 6, 2011 at 1:50 am #

    LMAO!!! That was hilarious!! Sounds JUST like the conversations I had with DH during stims.. LOVE IT! Best of luck to you and I will be following along with your journey!

  3. Tonya June 6, 2011 at 1:56 am #

    FYI here is an awesome link for hubby to watch a video of doing shots! I had dh watch a few times before he got to stick me again, LOL!

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