things are falling into place.

11 Jun

i had another blood draw and ultrasound this morning. u/s went well- the last u/s i had was last thursday, and my lining was 1.6mm thick. they had me go ahead and have a “bleed” (what they refer to as a period. like, can’t we just call it a period?) (also? TMI? yes. but i told you this would happen. you were warned.) i stopped bleeding two days ago, which started me from scratch, and today my lining was already up to 4.6mm. i did that in two days. i also had the “triple stripe” in my lining, it’s just basically that you can see the layers, and it’s a good thing. from what i understand that means that the lining is showing maturity… whatever that means, well, your guess is as good as mine, but my lining is mature, damnit. and awesome.

and i ‘spose Eggs is doing really well too, because she was supposed to have the egg retrieval on the 15th… and they are doing it TOMORROW. so, YAY FOR EGGS. and then Sunday the embryologist will contact me with the fertilization report, which just tells us how many of the eggs she produced were fertilized and growing happily. then on day three, Monday, they will do the PGD (preimplantation  genetic diagnosis- this makes sure the embryos they are putting in don’t have any major genetic defects. Eggs being older raises those chances.) and make sure everything looks good, and that we have some male embryos to work with (Eggs and Flour have three daughters… they are ready for a boy this time:)), and then the 16th, it’s game time. time-to-get-knocked-up-time. i can’t believe it’ pretty much here already.

so. i have more meds to take now. hubs has been shooting me up with .1cc of delestrogen in the hiney every three days. now it will be .3cc. and tomorrow i start the progesterone, uhm, vaginal inserts. joy to the world. i have heard they are beyond messy. sounds like fun right? and then i have to take progesterone lozenges (really? it’s not a cough drop.) under my tongue three times a day. and they sent me grape flavor. I HATE GRAPE FLAVOR. like, loathe. but i’ll deal. i just might barf a little in my mouth.

AND THEN. well. and then i hope i got knocked up on our first try, and i will start poas (peeing on a stick, for those of you not hip with the lingo) about 5 days after transfer. so the 21st. although i bet i break down and pee once on the 20th. i mean, i NEED to know right. and i can already tell i should go to poas-anonymous… i have TWENTY SIX pee sticks in my bathroom drawer. i shouldn’t have admitted that to you, but i did. (insert shameful face here.)


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