12 Jun

like, holy shit. we upped the dosage on the estrogen this morning, and about three hours after my shot, my uterus started feeling tender. full, even. like i kind of had to pee, even though i don’t. i feel all bloated.

but after asking around on the internets, turns out it’s normal. it’s just because my body’s all, “HEY. LET’S BUILD THIS LINING REALLY FAST, HOKAY?” and my uterus is like, “WHOA DUDES. YOUR STRETCHING ME OUT REAL QUICK, AND STUFF.”

so, yeah… i’m hyper aware of my uterus today. not comfortable. and my waistband of my jeans hurts. so i wore a dress. i can only imagine what i’m going to feel like by thursday. O_o


One Response to “OH HAI THERE, UTERUS.”

  1. Tonya June 12, 2011 at 4:16 am #

    Yep, my friend (our surro) is going through that riiiiight now.. Doesn’t get better just fuller if that makes sense.. a different kind of full..

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