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6 Sep

i’ve thought about it lately, and while yes, i’ll be posting on my IM’s blog, i’ve decided to stay here as well… this is my place where friends can ask questions and i can speak frankly about all the injections and yuckiness and general TMI.

so i’m back. we’re waiting on the donor to start her period, which should be the end of this week sometime, and then we’ll have our calendar. we are looking at the middle of october for the transfer, and i CANNOT WAIT.


moving elsewhere…

21 Aug

i’ve got new intended parents, and my intended mother wanted us to share a blog together! (awesome right?!? now you get both sides of the story!)

so, please mosey on over to and follow!



3 Aug

my IM just texted me and said that the egg donor is going for her screening next week!!! WAHOOOOOO!

so, that’s pretty much the majority of this whole post. i’m getting really excited. the new RE (reproductive endocrinologist) (did we already talk about that abbreviation? i dunno.) will use my test results from this last time, so i don’t have to have another saline sonogram done, which is, in a word, AWESOME. saves the IPs money and me a catheter up my cervix, so that’s good news for all involved.

look! i’m ALIVEEEE.

28 Jul

after much back and forth, hemming and hawing, and chewing my fingernails, i decided to part ways with Eggs and Flour. it just… it wasn’t right for me, and i think the first cycle didn’t work because God was trying to tell me something.

i need new names for a mom and a pop, because i’ve got brand spanking new intended parents. and i pink puffy heart them. my IM is pretty much the shiz.

so, yay. i mean, YAY YAY. my heart is happy about this one, y’all, because this little bebe(s) that isn’t even in existence yet is going to be so loved and spoiled rotten. i can’t wait to get started.

no real update yet.

15 Jun

Eggs still hasn’t talked to the RE yet, so i still don’t know what’s going on. after much thought, i think i’m willing to try again with her eggs, as long as the RE can do something differently and give us a better chance of having usable eggs retrieved. still hoping for them to choose an egg donor though.


we’ll see 🙂


all i know is that this period is going to SUCK, because my lining was super flufftastic this month. DREADING it. i told my husband it’s going to look like someone was murdered, and he laughed at me.


12 Jun

to be continued, i ‘spose. they only got one egg yesterday, and we found out this morning that it did not fertilize. so now i wait to here what Eggs and Flour decide to do.

my brain is full of thoughts right now, but i’m not sure how to put it on “paper”. stay tuned…


12 Jun

like, holy shit. we upped the dosage on the estrogen this morning, and about three hours after my shot, my uterus started feeling tender. full, even. like i kind of had to pee, even though i don’t. i feel all bloated.

but after asking around on the internets, turns out it’s normal. it’s just because my body’s all, “HEY. LET’S BUILD THIS LINING REALLY FAST, HOKAY?” and my uterus is like, “WHOA DUDES. YOUR STRETCHING ME OUT REAL QUICK, AND STUFF.”

so, yeah… i’m hyper aware of my uterus today. not comfortable. and my waistband of my jeans hurts. so i wore a dress. i can only imagine what i’m going to feel like by thursday. O_o